How split / squeeze websites increase your leads


Getting more enquiries through your website requires a change in mindset about what your company’s website is for. If you know exactly what someone coming to your site is interested in, you can use very specifically tailored pages to funnel them into making an enquiry.

The psychology of web design has come a long way in the past few years. Some of the most successful websites only have one page (called a squeeze page) which generate more new sales enquiries for their owners than all their other marketing activity combined. The trick is making sure you know exactly what the person viewing your website is interested in, and then giving them the right amount of targeted information to convince them to either pick up the phone or register their details with you for more.

Step one – The Split:
Filtering the people coming to your website

There are two ways to make sure you know exactly what someone coming to your website is looking for. The first way is to drive people to your site through a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. PPC works by you bidding a certain amount for your advert to appear in the “promoted” section of search results when people are searching for a specific term – such as “carpet cleaning in Halifax” or “payroll services in Wakefield”. For PPC to really deliver results economically, you (or rather, us) need to manage the campaigns closely, but if done right you know that someone looking for an exact, specific term or service is being taken to a specific matching page on your website for often a few tens of pence each.

The second way to make sure you know what a person coming to your website is looking for is to simply ask them, usually by replacing your traditional homepage with a splitter page. So instead of giving them a welcome message when they first come to your site, you ask them straight out to make a decision on which of your services or area or business they are interested in – giving the viewer little other option than to pick one, for example:



You will notice on the example above there is no other website navigation – no ‘about us’ page or opportunity to progress without choosing one of three options.  And three is the magic number – scientific study has long shown that if you give someone just two options it is an ultimatum and many people will create the third option for themselves (i.e. they will walk away).  Give someone four options and that is too many and they struggle to choose.

Once someone has chosen an option from your ‘split’ page, they are self-declaring an interest in what you offer and the rest of their experience can be tailored to making them part with their details or make an enquiry.

Step two – The Squeeze:
Funnelling the viewers into making an enquiry

Now that someone viewing your website has declared an interest in a specific product or service, you want to lead their actions and funnel them into making an enquiry.

The easiest way to do this is to present them with a squeeze page, which gives information just on the one specific service they are interested in, like a short, tailored sales pitch. It will list the features and benefits, look to answer their questions and (like all the best salespeople) squeeze pages don’t just present the information without trying to secure the sale:



Squeeze pages use information, design and some psychology to funnel the viewer into making an enquiry: the website navigation is often completely removed or simplified on squeeze pages (giving the viewer fewer exit routes from the page) and the design leaves the viewer with only three options: pick up the phone, use the contact form, or … for those who are not yet ready to engage … exchange your email address in return for some information which will help you make your choice.

It’s this third option that provides the best results because in many cases 95% of the people who come to your website are not far enough along in their decision-making process to talk to you yet.

However, if you don’t capture the details of these people then they will come to your website and leave without you ever knowing they were even there – missing all chance of a future sale. With a split / squeeze website, you can build up a list of email addresses of people who have a genuine interest in a product or service (because they downloaded a PDF on a specific subject) that you can now nurture into a conversation.

Combine this with a smart email marketing system that identifies which of the contacts are likely ready to talk by how they interact with the follow-on information you send them, and you can continue to prompt and engage with these people over a period of time until they are ready to have a sales conversation.