The importance of quick wins


Building the foundations of a successful marketing strategy can take time. You can’t send your email campaign until the new website is ready, you can’t launch your website until the downloadable brochure is finished, and you can’t complete the brochure until the new photographs have been taken…

Most of us think in terms of our business strategy for the next six to twelve months, but have you thought about what your strategy is for the next few weeks?  We’re all familiar with the term ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’, but you should concentrate on felling just a couple of those trees as early firewood for your company’s sales.

So your new website is still two months off being ready – you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to put your marketing activity on hold. If you feel your current site is an embarrassment then create a stand-alone landing page for a specific product or service and send an email campaign linking to that instead. Of course, there are good and bad ways of doing things quickly (for example you shouldn’t just start blasting messages out using your own email because you’ll get yourself blacklisted) but you can have the bones of a very easy marketing campaign put together and going out in a couple of days.

You may argue ‘but it’s got into be right’ when in reality ‘right’ is a subjective term.  When you are focusing on quick wins it just needs to be ‘right enough’. Perhaps you are in no rush to get your marketing going because you’ve already got all the sales enquiries you could ever need? For the rest of us, however, getting easy results early is key.

You may argue ‘but it’s got into be right’ when in reality ‘right’ is a subjective term.  When you are focusing on quick wins it just needs to be ‘right enough’.

Sending out emails is just one example. With half an hour of thought, you and your team could easily come up with two or three things you can do (and have up and running in a few days with the resources you already have) to start communicating with both new and current clients.

And then when your new website is ready and people can download your new brochure, you’ve already been building a communication channel through which you can tell them. And hopefully, you’ll have picked up some orders along the way.

So yes – spend time ensuring your branding makes you look as good as you can be. Build that new website you need that collects peoples’ details and works on mobile devices. And set up a smart email marketing system to identify which of your contacts are most likely to buy… but all that takes time, and you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to put your marketing on pause while it’s happening.

So before getting tunnel vision about what’s going to generate sales six months down the line, let’s think about what’s going to bring in some enquiries next week.

(If you do want to put a marketing plan together quickly, also see this article about writing a marketing plan in two hours by my colleague Dave Pannell)